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We are a group of Timeshare professionals that have 20 years of combined industry experience. Several of our members have experienced the burden of being Timeshare owners, just like yourself. We are empathetic in understanding of your situation.We look forward to helping you every step of the way.



Timeshare Exit/Transfer:

For clients with Timeshare properties paid in full. To include: deeded/points properties, lease properties and/or memberships. We will legally transfer the property out of your name.


Mortgage Cancellation: 

Is for clients that currently have a mortgage on their timeshare property and are wanting out of the mortgage balance and the Timeshare. We work with a select group of aggressive attorneys that fight on your behalf to get you out of your timeshare and the liability of the mortgage, maintenance fee and taxes to make you timeshare free, forever.

Attorney Cancellation:

For clients whose properties are paid in full or may have a bit more complex issues to complete the transfer process. Example: Foreign properties, resorts which charge very large resort transfer fees, properties on the "Do not take list", etc. 

Group/Hotel Settings: 

For the convience of our clients, we offer a group type setting. Our representative will do a power point presentation that uncovers some very valuable information pertaining to time shares and legal options for you to exit your timeshare property.



Stress and worry free!


Build your case to get out of your timeshare

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


No more maintenance fees or special assessments


Progress updates every step of the way


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Ormond Beach, FL Volusia County 32174


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Why Choose Us

  • Rising Cost of Maintenance Fees

  • Special Assesments

  • Health Issues

  • Unable to Travel

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Change in finance

  • Do not want to pass to heirs

  • Unsuccessful trying to sell it

  • No Availability at the Resort or through exchange companies

  • Still wants to travel, but does not want liability of taxes, maintenance fees, or possible special assessments

Welcome to Timeshare Elimination Consultants


Your One stop shop to getting out from under the burden of your timeshare. We know how tempting it can be to purchase a Timeshare and feel that at the time of the presentation it can sound like a great idea, what we found is that more often than not after the fact buyers remorse sets in. These resorts do not want you to cancel and make it very difficult to cancel on your own. Thats where we come in!!! We make the process of getting released from your Timeshare contract Pain and worry free!!!! Contact us today for a consultation - we will have a consultant perform a Forensic audit on your ownership documents and determine the best exit strategy for you!